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You need PRODUCING Agents.

Were do you find them?

What do you "pitch" them?

How do you get them to think of you 1st?

Do you have a compelling reason to engage with Agents?

When is the best time to connect with them?

Watch LB Mortgage Mastery with Frank Garay!

The tools and plan to immediately change your business!

Watch LB Mortgage Mastery with Frank Garay!

Other tools included that agents love...

Facebook Lead Capture

Share in Facebook Groups and Market Places and capture hundreds of leads per listing.

FSBO Marketing System

Impress your local "by owner" sellers with our complete FSBO lead generating marketing system.

Follow Up Coaching

Get the most out of Listing Booster by attending our coaching webinars.

SMS/Text Message Lead Capture 

Display your codes on your sign riders, print ads, social media postings and Craigslist. System instantly sends the prospect a property tour to their mobile device and sends you the lead. 

Listing Landing Page

Designed for the Co-Marketer to instantly share all of their agent partners listings in one place. Each link to the property website with lead capture.

EZ Craigslist Posting System

Capture even more leads with the Craigslist posting system. The property images are automatically embedded with the lead capture text codes.

Virtual Tours

Both branded and non-branded to meet MLS requirements. Automatically generated from the MLS in most markets.

Property Tour Videos

Property tour videos are automatically generated for each listing and uploaded to Vimeo. Agents can share or download their videos and add them to their own Youtube channels, etc.

Professionally Designed Print Flyers

Clean designed print flyer. Choose your own custom colors. Automatically generated from the MLS in most markets.

Other Frequently Asked Questions: 

How does this work?

Listing Booster works by taking MLS information and giving you an effective way to market your agent's listings on social media, with lead capture enabled so you can follow up with your leads.

How is this Compliant?

Each Lender account, for $197 a month, is given the capacity of 100 agent licenses. Each agent account therefore is valued at $1.97 monthly. Compliance states that Lender and Agent must each pay 50% of the cost of license which is $0.98. The agent payment annualized is $11.82 

Do you integrate with any CRM's?

Yes, we integrate directly with Usherpa, Velocify, Big Purple Dot, Liondesk, Broker Agent 360, and using Zapier allows for many many more!

How do I sell this to agents?

Aside from the resources we give you, like the Agent Presentation slideshow and call scripts, Listing Booster will: redirect leads from your competitors, capture phone numbers, capture the name and email of leads who request info over the web, gives great exposure for your listings so that all your potential leads can view what you have on the market, and many more features.

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